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Maya Yogi: the vast contrast from then to now

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22 August 2012
  Having gone through years of struggle, whether it was in the community that I lived in, or in my personal life, the transition from struggle to empowerment was a huge achievement for me. This feeling of empowerment was only possible after my association with WWF Nepal as the Terai Arc Landscape community mobilizer.

“She’s an outcast; she has no place in our family. Send her off somewhere before I get rid of her,” were some common words that I was used to hearing from my mother-in-law, after I married my husband at the age of 13. In a society bound by class and restrictions, it was never permitted for my husband and i to get married simply because we belonged to different ethnicities.

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Maya inspecting a local handicraft called "Dhakia."
© WWF Nepal/Mreedu Gyawali
Maya examining the Mentha Plants
© WWF Nepal/Mreedu Gyawali
With the family
© WWF Nepal/Mreedu Gyawali
Maya discussing on how to improve the quality of life at the homestay in Dalla.
© WWF Nepal/Mreedu Gyawali